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May 28, 2013


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Wow, two journal entries in one month has got to be like a record for my DeviantArt, guess that means I'm procrastinating a bit more than usual. :blush:

So Otafest came and went, I had a blast as always!!! :heart: Friday I got to test run my new Tiny Tina cosplay and although there's a few tweaks to do before she's major photoshoot ready, it was a fun start to the con!!
 Saturday I decided I would wear Moxxi again and risk the wrath of the quasi grey area 'Cosplay Decency Rule' at Otafest, but I brought purple 'Censor' bandages along for the day just in case I needed them to cover up, but luckily I was all good!!! :w00t: Got a few more pictures and learned a few things about makeup that I hope to implement for the photoshoot next go around, so all in all it was a great success!!
 Sunday was a magical adventure with Bunny Link again and I gotta say, of all of the costumes I wore during Ota, THAT one got the most surprising response!! :blush: I wore my Bunny Link cosplay at SakuraCon, and maybe it was the time of the year (being Easter Weekend) but not a lot of people actually knew who I was. :( Most people kind of figured I had created the idea and chosen it based on the time of the year, didn't give me much thought or notice, but at Otafest......
People actually knew who I was and I must say, thank you so so so soooooo much to absolutely everyone that called out to me or waved or exclaimed that I was Dark World Link or Bunny Link or you waved and whispered, ANYTHING, you guys seriously, you made my life this con. After SakuraCon and the generally negative or confused response I got to the cosplay, I was under the impression that I was the only one that remembered or loved Link to the Past.... The fact that you guys all remembered and shared your love of the game with me, honestly, you all made this weekend and this cosplay so much more for me. :tighthug:

Went to a few awesome panels, helped (kinda) run a few panels, got a few plans for next year and some awesome new memories and I got to actually sit and talk to thelittlephwuff after both of us kind of knowing eachother but not knowing (and she is FANFREAKINTASTIC, I cannot wait for more chill times!!!) so all in all, waaaaaaaay better than last Otafest and one of the coolest years to date!! :heart:

Afterwards a whole pile of us all gathered for a fantabbybabulous dinner at Boston Pizza again (the waiters are all nerds and love cosplayers, so as a group of like, 16 people we get some of the BEST service ever!!!!) and we all kinda sat and had a chat about things to come, cosplays and cons and plans and such. After some serious chats about cosplay and some not so serious chats about Dora the Explorer and lost maps, I became an official member of :icondragoncitysquad: cosplay!!!! :excited:

Although I was a little afraid at first because I feel like sometimes I'm the worst luck for coordinated groups of people (ESPECIALLY cosplay groups) after getting a lot of reassurance from everyone in DCS that I'm not a total spazzy failure (and even when I am they've promised they'll love me anyways :XD: ), I started getting incredibly excited about the chance that they've all offered me. :)

So here I am, :iconnani-mizu:, one of the three newest members to :icondragoncitysquad: and I couldn't be more excited about the years to come surrounded by some of the coolest cosplayers and friends that I've ever met. :tighthug:

You guys are all the best kinds of awesomesauce. :tighthug:

My Cosplay Group: :icondragoncitysquad:

We also just started a Facebook page as well!! So to anyone that gets tired of waiting for me to get my butt in gear and upload stuff here (or any of those times I just kinda... disappear for a bit into the costume closet XD ) if you want up to date pictures and progress and maybe just see what's going on in our mini cosplay bubble, go check it out!!
-------> Dragon City Squad Cosplay

-has fallen on the floor with feelings and can't get up
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D'aww now I'm having wibbly DCS/cosplay friend feels hahahahaha! :tighthug:
Congratulations! I can't wait to see the costumes you and the other members of the DCS come up with!

YES! more chill times for sure!!!!!
Congrats!!! I so happy for you!!! Miss you like crazyyy!!! You comming down to PAX again this year???
Daaaaaaaaw I miss you tooo!!!! :tighthug:

HELLS YES TO PAX THIS YEAR!!!!! :excited: You got tickets too right?
DUHH!!! Who all ffrom your group is comming??? I am REALLY wanting to cosplay with some awesome people this year- and so does tim :D
Lol, so far it's just ~Merytmut and I on this magical bro adventure out of the group. A few more of our friends are coming that... don't have DA's. :XD:

I know we're bringing Borderlands costumes, and I can't remember what else..... Maybe Tales..... :meow:
what borderlands ones? Ive been wanting to do a BL2 cosplay for quite awhile! and which tales???
It'd be Tales of Symphonia if I complete mine. XD ~Merytmut already has Sheena. :meow:

If I don't make a Tales cosplay then maybe I'll wear Tiny Tina instead. Although we have a larger Borderlands group, not a lot of them are going to PAX this year, so we should have Mad Moxxi, Sheriff, Brick, a Nomad, a Psycho, and I can't remember the last one of who's coming, but that's all of us people going to PAX. :blush:
Well Tim and I are wanting to do a Last Of Us cosplay- him being Joel and I Ellie- We are in desperate need of Infected! Not to mention it would be cool to have a Tess and some other characters from the story like Joel's brother and what not~! Let me know what you guys think!! We are really wanting to blow the NaughtyDog crew away this year :heart: :P
I'll see what everyone is planning, see if there's some room for infected. :meow:
They're not difficult costumes so it shouldn't be a stretch, just gotta find out what everyone is planning. :XD: Lol, looks like everyone has enough double costumes that we might make double days for Borderlands. :blush:
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